Dogs & Not Dogs

but mostly dogs.

I’m a freelance Chicago photographer looking to spread awareness of dog rescues, local artists, and local nonprofits. I mostly do dog portraits, but my Not Dogs catalogue includes corporate & nonprofit events, artist press shots, concert photography, personal private photoshoots, and more.

Please, feel free to check out my galleries of both dogs and not dogs (and bleps) via the menu at the top of the page - and contact me for your next photoshoot/event!


While volunteering at One Tail at a Time dog rescue in Chicago, I realized how much I loved photographing dogs with my phone. Shortly thereafter, I invested in a camera, taught myself photography skills, and soon Dogs & Not Dogs was born.

My social life now entirely exists of hugging my pup Dax, playing with dogs at One Tail at a Time, and photographing other people’s dogs - and I could not be happier about it.

I am an official artist member of HeARTS Speak, an international collection of artists that dedicate their time towards increasing visibility of homeless pets to help them find their forever homes.

My goal is to photograph 365 dogs in 2019, want to book a photoshoot with your pup to help get me there?

20% of each photoshoot fee will be donated to One Tail at a Time or an animal welfare group of your choice

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